Give Me the Real Falsies!

My official swap out date is February 27th, when my temporary fake boobs will be swapped for my permanent fake boobs!  Kinda a funny way to look at it but that’s what I’ve been thinking because it’s hard to ever think that I will feel as if the boobs I will have in the future will feel real.  Another weird emotional part of this whole reconstruction process.  You feel as if the boobs are no longer part of your body not unlike the way many women feel when they have children and they breast feed.  But after breastfeeding the feeling of them being yours returns again, will this happen once my real implants are put in?  I hope.  In the meantime I walk around with rocks on my chest and I bounce off things when I bump into walls, etc…and my kids really hate lying on my chest because it’s not soft anymore.  Poor babies!!😦  Poor me!! …Can I say that again!  Poor me!!!  It’s good to feel sorry for yourself once in awhile in this process…everyone should.

Moving on…so as I said my surgery date is set and today was my last official appt. with my surgeon prior to that date.  I share here the list of questions I felt important to ask the doctor. In some ways these  questions may seem silly, but you don’t realize how important they are until you have spoken with someone who has gone through it…. (questions with answers given to me below)

– what would the high profile vs. low profile implants look like?A:  (higher up for high profile, more tear drop for low profile)

– how can I prevent rippling effect?A: (don’t know…this occurs a lot due to thin skin after a double mastectomy..some more than others, won’t know if this happens until after surgery)

– will I have cleavage… A: (because expanders sit far out on people’s chests usually) Yes…implants are closer together

– will the implants stick out on the side (because the expanders do) – A: No…expanders stick out further

– how long is the recovery and will I be able to work out or lift anything (because I have to lift my kids) – A: generally 3 to 4 weeks before resume all that activity

– What is the size range that you will bring in to make sure the size implant is the right fit – A: depends on the amount you went to on fills…for me he is bringing 4 different sized implants and will test them out during surgery and decide which sits best in pocket created by expander.

– How long until you will remake my nipple (for those who do not spare nipples) – A: 4 to 6 months approx.  Scar needs to heal

– How long until tattoo on nipple to make it look like an aerola – A: several months again for scars to heal.

– How do you make sure the breasts are even (if you have any type of sclerosis of spine, makes your chest wall stick out more on one side) (of course i have this!)  A: larger implant on one side vs.  the other

– Can I where wire bras after? A: this is dependent on dr., mine says I can wear whatever I want that makes me comfortable

That was about the extent of my grilling my doctor because my sister just had her swap out surgery a couple weeks ago and she was able to share with me many of the issues she faced.

What I am feeling and I have learned after todays appt and knowing my surgery date is getting closer.  

Ask questions.  The answers I was given today helped to ease my mind on most of my concerns.

Talk to others.  Talking to my sister and others who have already done their swap out surgeries helps me to understand what I will go through and find out good things to remind or ask dr. about.

Don’t think to0 much.  I can’t think about what everything is going to feel like and be like post surgery.  I have to remember the reason I did this, which my sister said today….This isn’t just going in to get a boob job/agumentation, this is reconstruction surgery.  You are a woman who has taken all the tissue out her breasts to prevent breast cancer and therefore it will never be the same as it was before but it will look great and it will be a you without the risk of breast cancer.  Remember that!!!

Thanks for letting me share,


2 thoughts on “Give Me the Real Falsies!

  1. Clearly you do all your homework!!:) so interesting all the details that have to come together. This sure is a long road from start to finish! Your posts are so interesting and even more inspiring. I know who I am going to call if I ever need to go through this procedure:)

    Let’s get together for dinner again soon!

  2. Hi there! So my timeline from 1st surgery (August 1, 2007) to tattoo’s (April – something- 2008) was longer than I had hoped but it all feels like a blink now. I have gel filled implants – they feel real and are soft for little ones to lay upon.:) As much as “reality” tells me that my boobs are “fake”, I still don’t feel comfortable walking around topless because they are boobs in appearance. Granted they are not perfect ones (who has perfect ones after their early 20s?!?!) but they are boobs just the same. So my reason for saying that was to assure you that you’ll feel like they are boobs again…trust me. As for the wire bra – I didn’t find it comfortable in the beginning and have since abandoned all bras (I double up with a tank for light colored or white t-shirts/blouses) which was liberating AND money saving (said money goes to other clothing so it’s not REALLY a savings). The cleavage is fantastic though…and gravity defying! Also, don’t feel like you can’t complain – you’re human and you deserve to voice your thoughts.:) All my best! – Leah

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