The Balance of Life When You Have Health Issues

Ok so here I am sitting at my computer almost 3 weeks post swap out surgery and I am thinking about how hard it is to be and do all the things you want to do.  I know I have just had 2 surgeries in the span of 4 months with constant doctors appointments in between but why is life this way…why can you never get anything done and sometimes have so much guilt for not being more of who you want to be.  It’s super frustrating!  I am a doer and when I can’t do everything it sucks!   And I don’t want to feel guilty during this time for doing the things that make me the most happy but I sometimes do….That being said….

My last surgery went great and I can tell all those others out there going through this similar situation, the swap out surgery is no big thing.  Usually goes pretty smoothly.  I felt pretty good within a couple of days.  Fast Forward to 1 week post surgery and I made the itty bitty mistake of wanting to do a juice cleanse.  I was doing great, listening to the doctor about what to do, taking my medicine to feel well…etc…then I thought why not rid my body of all the bad stuff, anesthesia etc. and feel even better.  DONT DO THIS SO SOON AFTER SURGERY!!!!    That just had to be capitalized because I went through my first day of drinking 5 juices and having a veggie dinner and thought oh no big deal, until the middle of the night when my body really went into detox mode and I thought I had the flu.  My head was spinning, I was shaky, etc., etc…  Absolutely awful.  Seth told me to get in the kitchen and eat something, and at first this didn’t even help…it made me more sick.  Slowly though with some food and lots of water I started to feel better.  At the same time my mom who wasn’t post surgery did the juice cleanse for a full 3 days and felt great!!  Lesson Learned:  juice cleanses can be good for detoxifying the body but not smart after a major surgery.  I basically took all that stuff that was in my different organs and flooded my blood stream with toxins that were trying to get released.  Don’t ever do that.  The one positive thing from it, is going into surgery I was having major sugar cravings, m and m’s etc… and my 1 day version of the cleanse rid me of that.. I have not wanted any chocolate/sugar since that cleanse. And since my mom loved doing it I definitely can recommend the one she and I did (or I attempted to do).

– Joe Cross’ 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse/The Dr. Oz Show 

So now that I told you how that went, back to being and doing everything.  I am really learning through this whole process how hard all aspects of your life can get when you have other major stuff going on.  What order do you put things…family, your health, friends, activities…etc.  How do you prioritize all of that.  How do you say no to things, say yes to others and forget things that you really want to do.  How do you make sure every person you love and care about gets your attention.

Well…my answer is…that’s impossible to know.  You just go with each day, knowing the husband and kids need to come first as well as your health and everything else will somehow fall into place.  But unfortunately it doesn’t always do that and it’s so hard, especially for someone like me who is super sensitive and has lots of guilt (thank you jewish genes) (us jews are known for guilt).  As a person I think you just need to sit down and figure out what is important to you. For instance, I know being a part of FORCE (Facing Our Risk Against Cancer Empowered) is important to me and being connected to women who have gone through a similar experience as me or different but share this same hereditary breast and ovarian cancer plague that we need to escape from.  I also know that my 3 kids and my husband need my constant attention and I am going to do my gosh darn it best to give it to them.  Do I want to do other stuff, do I want to be able to go places, see people, work, etc…Of course I do!!  There are so many things I want to do.  But I know that now is not the time or I should say I am learning now is not that time.  If I get to do half of the things I want to do then great…the rest will have to wait.

Love yourself, be on top of your health and be there for your family.

Thanks for letting me share,



P.S. – So happy to be done with expansion process of reconstruction from double mastectomy and am very satisfied with the end result!  Dr. Serletti at Penn was awesome with all of this!!  Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Balance of Life When You Have Health Issues

  1. You are the most amazing person I know! This was a great blog and you are doing a great job balancing everything with grace, strength, and courage. I am so glad to be by your side to witness it all. Keep being positive and beautiful! Seth

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